This is what the email will say.

Dear (Friend)

I joined and I’ve really liked it. Check out the video and you will see why. If you are serious about making your relationship more amazing like we are, I think you would be glad you checked this out. I signed up because someone else referred me to this and I can honestly say I’m glad we joined. It’s really a no brainer. You can cancel at any time, but I doubt you will.  seriously, you have nothing to lose and you actually get a bunch of very valuable stuff just for trying it out. So… take a look and see if is a good fit for you.

Your friend,

Just an additional friendly note from Emil here. My mission is to make a million marriages more amazing. That’s why I created this program. There is a no risk guarantee. I bundled a bunch of free stuff – my ebook, audiobook, workbook, and even the communication training program. All a value of over $500.00 because I really believe that once you see the value of the program your marriage can’t help but become more amazing. And if I can do that. It’s all worth it to me. Plus, just to make it a no brainer, If you don’t want to continue with the program you can cancel at anytime and you can keep all the free stuff.

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