Welcome to Emil’s Marriage Club- the best online marriage training and conflict resolution program on the market. Guaranteed!

Everyone can get along when things are sweet and nice, but what do you do when you are hurt, or upset, or disappointed?

How do you respond when you spouse is hurt, upset or disappointed? Even the smallest things can derail the love train if we don’t know what to do in these circumstances.

Thats why I created Emil’s marriage club. The best way to take the inevitable conflict in marriage and turn it into closeness.

Membership to Emil’s Marriage Club Includes:

    • Training Course- The Comprehensive online training course is based on my new book “You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness” Endorsed by Dr. Julie Hanks, Laura Brotherson and Dr. John Gottman the worlds leader in marriage research. The 8 Lesson course is complete with audio segments, video examples and helpful exercises and suggestions to apply the principles and concepts so they become a part of what you think and do.
    • Podcasts – Monthly Podcasts and webinars are devoted to different topics of interest and other strategic techniques to make your marriage more amazing. These are supplemental and in addition to the the 8 lesson course.
    • Library – The library consists of written materials, and handouts you can print out, recorded podcast and webinars that you can listen to while you are driving in your car or working around the house. And the library just keeps on growing.
    • Finally Support – While you are getting the best information on the market to make your marriage more amazing, you also get support. Timely automatic reminders, and tips and strategies to help you apply what you are learning and keep these new tips and strategies on the forefront of your mind.