Couples Counseling

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Is your spouse ever pissed? In today’s world couples counseling is almost always a necessity. In our fast paced society there are so many opportunities to disconnect with your spouse. Couples counseling can and will keep the home fires burning. Counseling keeps all of your energies moving in the same direction. A critical component if you need and want to be on the same page.

At Emil’s Marriage Club, you will learn the many skills you need to stay and work together. They are called the “The seven communication skills of successful marriages.” The book will walk you through the communication skills one by one. Emil is more than a coach or mentor, his tactful down to earth canter is remarkable.

He speaks in a voice that will touch us all. It is not just a book on theory and semantics; he can drive his points home with humor, and essential advice. His book and system are what brought us back together.

Try Emil’s Communication Skillsloving couple

In today’s world of motivational speakers and advice peddlers everywhere, Emil stands out. His conversational, realistic style is heartfelt. You can tell he truly wants your happiness. That happiness comes from a meaningful, strong, passionate relationship. I did mention passion, yes after my wife and I both understood the seven principals. We were closer and more intimate than at any previous point in our relationship and marriage.

Couple Counseling

Counseling was always a counterfeit four letter word. With Emil’s couples counseling, we are a dominant force for good. We work more closely, share secrets, are more intimate and are closer. We can share our innermost thoughts and feelings. Together we make an unbeatable team.

I strongly suggest couples therapy, and Emil’s “Seven communication skills of successful marriages.”

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If you haven’t joined already, please do. After all who else offers a 110% money back guarantee? Emil Harker does. Join the “Sure Bet” level, and if your marriage isn’t better, you will get all (and more) of your money back.  Trust Emil for couples counseling, and share with your friends and neighbors.

Turn your couples counseling into love.